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Kimono Rental Pricings

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Note:All courses are included “Kituke”; our experts dress you.

Note:You can change your selected course on the appointed day.

Setting items
[Kimono + half-width obi belt + Japanese sandals + kinchaku bag +accessories]
You could select your favorite area after selecting kimono for photo shooting plan.
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Note:You can change, add or cancel your selected options on the appointed day.
Photo shooting plan can be selected your favorite kimono.

Option plan
Option detail
Hair Set

+1,500yen(Tax excluded) per person

Kinran Obi

+500yen(Tax excluded)

Unlimited hair Accessories

+500yen(Tax excluded)

Obi decorations

+500yen(Tax excluded)

Taking a Commemorative Photo

a copy of CD: 2,500yen(Tax excluded)(Shijo Kyoto Only)

Next Day Return (by 16:00 pm on the next day)

+1,000yen(Tax excluded) per person

Hotel Return We deliver your clothes to your hotel. You can return our Kimono set to the hotel's reception the next day.

+1,500yen(Tax excluded) per person

Kyoto photo shooting plan

19,800 yen (including 39,600 yen) excluded tax.
You could select from Walk course : Basic plan (4 courses) and Walk course : Free plan (2 courses).
Period from two to four hours (9,900 yen per hour).
Price should be up to four people.
More than four people, the price will be multiplied 1.5 times until eight.


Note:Please ask us on the appointed day, if you would like to add other options as "embroidered collar"

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Other Questions
Note:hould you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at BBS.