The flow

Following are the process from arrving our store till you return the kimono.
From you arrive till you departure takes around one hour.
You can plus studio photographing as a option even without previous reservations.

Plan and the price

man and woman rental kimono


When you arrive our main store which near the Kyoto subway Shijo station/Hankyu railway Karasuma staion. Please go to the second floor with your shoes. When you arrive our main store which near the Kyoto subway Shijo station/Hankyu railway Karasuma staion.Please go to the second floor with your shoes. Please fill the form for reception, afrer that please put your shoes in the plastic for go into the tatami room.

arrow for rental

Woman with kimono

choose your kimono

You can choose your kimono from different styles from cute to mature.
※The rental price will change between different genres.

arrow for kimono

Wearing kimono


You can put kimono on easily by our professional teacher. We can give our suggestion how to coordinate your kimono.


kimono hairset

Hair set

Do hairset by professional stylists. We will suggest the best hairstyle for your kimono.
It take extra fees¥1500 for each person.

Further details

arrrow saganokan

Girls enjoy Kyoto sights


Put your valuable things in our little bag, other belongings we can keep them till you come back.
You can walk around Kyoto easily with less luggage.

arrow hakama

Colorful girls

Kyoto tourism

Take a stroll in Kyoto with kimono!kimono is the most suitable looking for you to visit famous tourist spots such as Kiyomizu temple,Koudaiji temple,Gion and Arashiyama. Our store is very close to subway station,you can go anywhere easily.

arrow kyoto


Kimono return

After your trip in Kyoto,please return to our store to change the clothes.
※Please return to our store before the close time(18:00).
※For customers who plus the service for return kimono on the next day please come back to store by 4 PM on the next day. If you don’t want to worry about the returning time and keep wearing kimono at night,we can let you return at the next day as a option! Only takes¥1000(tax excluded)for each person!

Return hotel

hotel option

You can enjoy your trip in Kyoto then just go back to hotel! All you need to do is return the full set of kimono to hotel’s front desk.

This option takes extra fees(¥1500,Tax excluded).

Further details

Take a stroll in Kyoto × Kimono renting What about walk in Kyoto City with kimono which you won’t wear in normal live.

For those who come to Kyoto for the first time,the ones who come frequently,the ones come fo school trip or with lovers,by yourself or with families or come in groups…

Travel in Kyoto for a day,whether from morning or just at night,its guaranteed to have a good time in Kyoto with kimono.

Cause we have prepare options for you to return at the next day morning or the night of that day,you can easily enjoy the time in Kyoto.

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