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When you rent a kimono, first please choose the kimono you like,then choose the assortments and goods to coordinate.
Why not rent a kimono with full setting in Kyoto to make it a special day in your life?
The gorgeous kimono will surely make you the spotlight of attention.

※Every rental plan includes knickknack such as little bags.
※The options below takes extra fees.

The price for rental plan please click here.

Kinran Obi
¥500(Tax excluded)

Highclass kiranobi obi to make your kimono look gorgeous.

Unlimited hair Accessories
(Tax excluded)

Hair accessories will make you prettier with your hairset and kimono to make you a kimono beauty.

Obi decorations
500(Tax excluded)

Make you much gorgeous as a kimono beauty.Accentuate a little bit to make huge diffrences.

We are proud that we have attended fashion show called Kansai Collection for over 7 years.
You can rent a orthodox kimono from Kyoto Saganokan,the traditional shop of kimono and hakama.
It’s a rare chance that you can try to coordinate kimono just like the famous model!

The kimono style which make Kyoto’s street prettier.
Not just rent a kimono,you can also grade up your obi(belt) and plus a hair assortments to make your own style.
Not just for tour,we also provide kimono and goods for people to attend event or parties.

Please enjoy sightseeing in Kyoto with high class kimono.

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