Why you should choose Kyoaruki to rent kimono in Kyoto!

We are a kimono shop produced by Saganokan, an orthordox kimono and hakama company whoch has attended fashion show Kansai Collection for over seven years.

No doubts it will be awesome to wear kimono and have a gorgeous hairstyle to make your trip in Kyoto become much greater!

Also,not just kimono,we have prepared goods and knickknack for you to rent. You can travel,shopping,sightseeing with your best looking in kimono!

Plan and the price

Kimono Girls

The closest store in the central Kyoto, easy for you to travel anywhere.

The store is in the central Kyoto(only take 2mins to come to the store from Shijo Karasuma station).You can take a stroll in Kishi market or go to Gion,Yasaka shrine even Kiyomizu temple in only 30 mins to 1 hour. We are at a area with lots of hotels,easy for you to arrange your schedule of traveling!

How to access

take a picture

Reported by TV programs and magazines, now the popularity is growing.

Produced by KyoSaganokan, a kimono store which has attended fashion show Kansai collection for over five years! If you want to wear kimono in Kyoto please try our service which is recommeded by television and magazine in Japan.

Girl choose kimono

Established as a kimono store for over 120 years.

We have a wide collection of kimono for over 1000!
Established in 1900,Kyoaruki can provide kimono with trustworthy price.
Why don’t you wear the kimono you like to become a kimono beauty in modern Kyoto?

Kimono Girls

Can help 350 people wearing kimono in the same time!

Over 3559 square feet,our store has a wide Japanese styled space,you can take photo with cherry blossom background or Japanese umbrella.
We also have spots for photographing in our stores!


You can return your kimono in the hotel you live!

You can return in hotels in Kyoto City.
Your luggage will send to the hotel while you are traveling,

Further information

Cleaning kimono

We have our own maintenance center which we wash kimono everytime!

Once the kimono and the underwear below are used,we will wash them one more time!
We proud to present this high recommended service by customers which is only available like big stores like us.

Hair set!

Total wearing and hairstyle arrangement by professional stylist!

Kyouaruki can use the experience for years ,and the kimono in latest fashion to help you dress up by our teachers of kimono,stylists, and camera operators.

if you don’t know how to decide your kimono and obi,please tell our staff.

We will give you our suggestions.
(Which also include optional choices besides basic kimono plan.)

Nothing is required you to bring , you can take a stroll in Kyoto with kimono just by visiting here for a little while.

If you want to enjoy traveling in Kyoto with more fun and look fashion,why not rent a kimono at our store?

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